Withings didn’t fall apart and vanish. In the last few years, you just knew it by a different name. That’s because Nokia owned the health and wellness brand until it reacquired itself in early 2018. Now, with the same team in place, Withings has unveiled its first post-rebirth product that doesn’t actually look all that new.

The Steel HR Sport is a smartwatch, and it mixes traditional and next-generation features. From the outside, it has a regular watch face with a physical dial and hands that move. There’s also a small OLED panel for notifications and bite-sized information. Overall, it’s water-resistant as well.

Inside, the smartwatch does exactly what you want. The Steel HR Sport can monitor daily activity — steps, heart rate, workouts, and more.

What’s truly new, though, is the Steel HR Sport’s GPS connectivity. After a distance-based workout, the smartwatch syncs location data with your phone to enhance analytics. You’ll know where you went and what how your body was reacting during specific intervals.

Because of its more traditional design, Withings was able to achieve 25-day battery life.

The Steel HR Sport also tracks sleep patterns and, using the Health Mate app, makes recommendations for your profile. Withings’ Health Mate app serves as a central hub for you and your health. Everything the Steel HR Sport gathers will be organized there.

It may not look different from the outside, but the Steel HR Sport could be a worthy upgrade for people who have older Withings or Nokia devices.

As for availability, the Steel HR Sport is already up for sale. Withings says the smartwatch costs $199, and that’s a little less than what premium models from other brands offer. The Steel HR, though, does climb in price if you throw in an additional leather or silicone band. Yet Withings still ekes out a price advantage even when an extra band gets added.