Withings is no stranger to the world of wearable technology. The company previously introduced the Acitivté and Activité Pop, two slick watches that also offered basic activity tracking capabilities. But in a world enamored with smartwatches, the wearables were a little too basic for their own good.

That’s where the Steel HR comes in.

Beyond looking like a very beautiful watch, the Steel HR offers smartwatch functionality, too. Granted, its capabilities are nowhere near an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S3, but that’s not the point; the Steel HR is for people who like the look and functionality of a traditional analog watch, but still want notifications from their smartphone.

The Steel HR sports a monochrome screen that can display information about text messages, calendar reminders, incoming calls, and more. Think of it as a more sophisticated Pebble, although the Steel HR is unable to compose messages, something Pebble’s lineup of wearables have become very good at in recent months.

In addition to its ability to provide users with notifications, the Steel HR still puts a lot of focus on activity tracking. The wearable can count steps and keep track of other general data, but it can now monitor your heart rate, too.

Considering the original Activité was a shocking $450 when it launched, you’d think the Steel HR would be expensive. Surprisingly, the most expensive model is only $199—that’s for the 40-millimeter version; Withings is also offering a 36-millimeter version for $180.

The Steel HR will be available starting Oct. 1.