apple campus 6

Ever wonder why some of Apple's software products are good while others seem to, pardon my French, suck? Maybe it's because the teams aren't working together and, oftentimes, aren't even in the same building.

That's about to change, though, according to Bloomberg.

The news site said that Apple's Eddy Cue is going to bring many of the developers of its cloud-focused applications under one roof, allowing everyone to work together on several of Apple's more popular products. The changes will affect folks working on Siri, Apple Maps, iCloud, Apple Pay and Apple News, Bloomberg said. Only "parts" of iTunes and Apple Music will join in.

"Bringing the teams together at a single, dedicated campus is designed to improve growth of the services business and fight competition from Google and Amazon, the people added," Bloomberg said.

There's a bit of bad news for anyone on those teams, though. Eddy Cue wants to keep them together at the current Apple campus, instead of moving them to the more exciting and futuristic Apple Campus 2 building.

Humans aren't the only ones getting closer in the move, though. Code-named "Pie," Apple has a new platform that it's developing where "software to process Siri queries and Apple Music downloads" will live on a system built by Apple. Another product, dubbed "McQueen" will serve as Apple's "internal photo storage system," allowing Apple to "gradually end its reliance on Google and Amazon," Bloomberg explained.