When people think of speed runs, they usually think of games that take a few hours with modern games, or maybe even minutes with some older titles.

With CD Projekt Red’s upcoming title The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the current record is about 25 hours.

That’s a lot shorter than the 100 to 200 hours the developer has promised in various interviews, but that’s the time logged by the team’s fastest internal tester. Testing a game like The Witcher is probably a dream compared to the poor saps who get to test Barbie games, but the tester has probably been through the game a dozen times all the same.

The 25 hour run, according to CD Projekt Red, involves taking an optimal route through the game and racing through all the dialogue trees.

With so much concern about game length surrounding big releases, it sounds like The Witcher 3 isn’t one we have to worry about.