CD Projekt RED announced in a press release this week that their Witcher games have sold 4 million copies worldwide across PC, Mac, and Xbox 360. The first title, The Witcher, sold on PC and Mac, while Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is currently available on PC and 360 with a Mac release planned.

This is especially encouraging to hear from the Polish developer, which seems to be successful despite breaking all the rules, as the saying goes. CD Projekt Red is a big proponent of DRM-free software, a policy that has both won committed fans and robbed the developer of more than a few sales via piracy. They also don't have a large publisher backing them—though they do have different publishers for each region.

The news also bodes well as the developer works on their next property, Cyberpunk. After focusing on the Witcher series of books that originated in Poland for the last five years, they're shifting gears: from fantasy to science-fiction settings and from literature to pen-and-paper role-playing source. Hopefully they can do for Neuromancer and the cyberpunk genre what they did for Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher books and fantasy games: Give gamers a fresh, new approach to something that's been done a million times.

Rumors also surfaced earlier this year of the first Witcher title finally hitting consoles, though the developer made no mention of it at their summer conference in May.

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