The Witcher 3 is a huge game. It’s hardly surprising that a few bits and pieces aren’t done even as the game is finally hitting shelves. The problem comes in when the developer and publisher aren’t straight-forward about just what those missing pieces are.

Subtitles for some languages didn’t make it into the initial release of the game, but the feature sets on various storefronts were not updated to match the omission.

While the game is available for purchase in Japan and Korea, those languages have not yet been added. The Steam page for it, however, says otherwise, stating that both are included.

The series has become popular enough in Korea to get its own localization and to even be noticed by developer CD Projekt Red, as Korean fans put together a fan-made localization for the previous title, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

As a result, the Korean Steam page for the title is being inundated with negative comments. Here are a few, provided by Kotaku as translated by their tipster:

“The developers are back stabbing bastards. They’ve mentioned Korea as a special region in their interviews and omit it on the release lol. And now they say they are sorry and it was omitted. They are not solving the issue today but tomorrow lol. You bastards, does Korea look funny to you?”

“Hey hey, why is there no Korean?”

“I bought it because it was being localized into Korean, but there is no Korean. Got f***ing backstabbed. I just wasted my money. Why did I buy this? I bought it because there was supposed to be Korean. What are you going to do when there is no Korean and graphics are downgraded too. They have no basics. F***..f***…”

“Why is there no Korean? I’ve been scammed. It said Korean is supported but it’s not there.”

Bandai Namco, the publisher for The Witcher 3‘s Asian region release, has officially apologized for the omission, and it remains to be seen how the delayed language pack will affect that game’s sales in that region. The content is to be added in a patch releasing on May 21, so it’s not a long wait, but we gamers aren’t known for being terribly patient.