moto x windy day

Motorola rolled out Windy Day today, a free app created exclusively for the Moto X owners. Somewhere between animated film and mobile game, the interactive story was created by Jan Pinkava, the Oscar-winning co-director of Pixar's Ratatouille.

Once you've set up the Motorola Spotlight Player app you can experience the interactive animated short, which follows a mouse as it chases a red hat through the windy, wintry forest, coming across other animals along the way. The story is told with 3D graphics and promises a different experience each time you play.

What makes Windy Day really special though is the way you experience it. With the entire screen serving as a first-person perspective, the only controls come from physically moving your phone while the app takes advantage of the Moto X's motion sensor's to change your view. Move the screen up and down or left and right and the view will shift accordingly, even moving your character forward as you walk in real life.

Windy Day isn't perfect. The controls can be tricky and the image can become shaky, but it's the first evidence we've seen so far that Motorola may have inherited more than just Google's data processing power. It seems the smartphone-maker obtained a bit of its parent company's magic touch as well, and may just have more treats in store for Moto X owners in the future.