Windows XP - Death Day

Google announced this week that it plans to stop updating its Chrome browser for five older Apple and Microsoft operating systems next year. The change won’t go into effect until April 2016 though, leaving you with plenty of time to upgrade your old computer or buy a new one.

On the Windows side, Google is no longer officially supporting Windows XP, which is still one of Microsoft’s most used operating systems, along with the less popular Windows Vista. For Mac fans, OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 will all be affected. You’ll still be able to use Chrome on these operating system, but Google will no longer offer security fixes and other updates.

The search giant says it’s pulling support for these older platforms because of other security issues not related to Chrome. Microsoft hasn’t officially supported Windows XP for a while now. Apple also offers free updates to the latest version of OS X.

You’ll definitely want to update if you’re still running one of these older operating systems, and not just because you’re losing Chrome support. The latest versions of OS X and Windows both have plenty to offer, though access to the latest version of Google’s browser is a nice perk.