The Walking Dead: Windows Edition

Just like you're supposed to do when dealing with the undead, Microsoft aimed for the head when it cut off support for Windows XP last month, the legacy operating system that's proving impossibly difficult to kill. Despite the risk of unpatched vulnerabilities (a pretty big deal) and no more tech support (largely a non-issue for consumers, but important for some businesses), Windows XP is installed on more PCs than Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows Vista combined.

Both Net Applications and Stat Counter agree on this, though the numbers are different. Starting with Net Applications, Windows XP is holding steady with a 26.29 percent share of the market, down from 27.69 percent at the end of March. Prior to that, Windows XP actually gained slightly more users, going from 29.3 percent in January to 29.53 percent in February.

Meanwhile, Net Applications has Windows 8 (6.36 percent) and Windows 8.1 (5.88 percent) accounting for less than half of Windows XP. Add in another 8.13 percent for the catch-all "Other" category, which includes Windows Vista, it still won't be enough to catch Windows XP (26.29 percent versus a combined 20.37 percent).

Switching our focus to Stat Counter tells the same story, just in a different way. According to Stat Counter, Windows XP is installed on 18.61 percent of PCs, or nearly 1 in 5. Windows 8 (7.85 percent) and Windows 8.1 (4.48 percent) combine for a 12.33 percent stake, and if you add Vista's 3.67 percent share, it comes to an even 16 percent for all three.

Windows XP will continue to decline, though it might not happen as fast as Microsoft hoped or expected. There doesn't seem to be any panic taking place.

Image Credit: Flickr (garrettc)

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