It’s now easier to find apps and games designed specifically for Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 software. The company has begun adding “Built for Windows 10” labels to universal software in the Windows Store.

The change came with the latest version of the Windows Store, which rolled out last week, according to Windows Central. Compatible titles now have “Built for Windows 10” displayed just beneath their creator’s name, rating, and share button.

Titles carrying this label have been updated to be fully compatible with Windows 10, so you won’t have any issues after purchasing and installing them.

There’s a good chance most software will work with the new OS anyway, but this provides peace of mind to the 200 million users who have already upgraded to Windows 10. Universal Windows 10 apps work across desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones, so one purchase gets you access on all three platforms.

If you know an app has been updated for Windows 10 and you don’t see the label, check Windows Update for the latest version of the Windows Store. It should be available with version 2016.27.2.0, which is available to all now.