Windows Phone users may note their data use is skyrocketing this week. The good news is it's not your fault. The bad news is that an issue with the operating system's built-in Twitter app could be costing you a small fortune.

Microsoft confirmed to The Verge that the increased data usage is due to a backend change over at Twitter. The social network is reportedly moving all profile pictures to a new server, inadvertently causing Windows Phone handsets to repeatedly re-download the images. While the issue has been reported across multiple mobile platforms, Windows seems the worst hit, with users reporting as much as 530MB of data use in the past 30 days as a result.

Microsoft is reportedly working to fix the problem, but unfortunately there's not much it can do beyond updating the app to sync just once per day in an effort to reduce data use. The company also recommends disconnecting your Twitter account from your smartphone as a temporary fix. The issue won't be corrected until Twitter completes the task of transferring its profile pics to their new server, which could take several weeks.