Tango Leak 1

Screenshots of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone “Tango” operating system were leaked recently by WP7forum. So far we are expecting that Tango will likely support lower-end devices, specifically those that Microsoft and its partners can push into emerging markets, but the screen shots also reveal a number of enhancements over the current Windows Phone Mango operating system. WP7forum says that Tango will allow users to send more than one image in an MMS, or video, as opposed to just a single image as Mango currently supports. Users will also be able to import and export contacts to a SIM card and manage international and domestic roaming.

Tango Leak 2

As we mentioned earlier, since Tango will likely support lower end devices with as little as 256MB of memory, low-end devices might not support all of the applications inside the Windows Phone Marketplace. As such, Tango will alert a user if his or her phone cannot support a specific application. Unfortunately, as The Verge points out, this will no doubt create a bit of fragmentation around the platform, as is currently the case with Android. We expect to hear more from Microsoft on its Windows Phone Mango plans during Mobile World Congress, which kicks off in just a couple of weeks.