Windows Phone mutitasking

Microsoft has already boasted about a number of the changes and improvements it has made to its upcoming Windows Phone Tango operating system, but one thing it is yet to announce is that the update will increase the multitasking limit to eight applications.

Several Windows Phone features have been stripped out of Tango to support low-memory smartphones with just 256MB of RAM, and Microsoft has made other improvements to memory consumption. Thanks to these changes, The Verge reports that the company has been able to increase the multitasking limit from five to eight apps.

That's sure to be a welcome improvement for Windows Phone users, who might be struggling with the five app limit under Mango. But it will be a little while before you get the update.

Tango will arrive on existing Windows Phone devices, but not until new ones appear. Microsoft is expected to introduce the update in China tomorrow, with the first Tango-powered devices arriving from Nokia later this month.

[via The Verge]