Windows Phone MarketplaceMicrosoft's Windows Phone Marketplace is now home to more than 50,000 Windows Phone applications, after adding a whopping 10,000 titles in just over one month. While the figure is relatively small when you compare it to the half a million apps in Apple's App Store, it's still very impressive when you consider that just five months ago the store only offered half that.

According to All About Windows Phone, applications are being submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace at a rate of 265 apps per day. Over 17,000 were added in the last three months, 8,000 of which arrived in the last 30 days. There are currently over 13,000 publishers submitting apps, according to the report.

The rate at which the store has hit the 50,000 mark is a testament to its incredible growth. While it may have taken over a year to reach 40,000 applications, it has only taken 40 days to add another 10,000 to that. This signifies a healthy 2012 for the Windows Phone Marketplace, especially for its entertainment category, which is one of the most popular with 15% of Windows Phone apps falling into this group.

Tools & productivity match entertainment with 15% of the share, closely followed by books & reference and games, which both hold 14% of the share.

All About Windows Phone estimates that around 58% of those 50,000 apps are completely free, while 14% are paid but do offer a free trial. The other 29% are paid only applications which cannot be used without spending some cash.

While Windows Phone devices may not be as popular as those running Android or iOS just yet, the rapid growth of the Windows Phone Marketplace and the evolution of Microsoft's mobile operating system looks set to attract many more users next year.

Will you be adopting Windows Phone for the first time in 2012?

[via Boy Genius Report]