Windows Phone 8 home screenMicrosoft's Windows Phone Marketplace is now home to more than 126,000 applications, with a rate of 215 being added everyday. Of those 126k, 113,170 are live and available to download across 60 countries, according to AAWP.

The WP Marketplace has more than doubled in size since reaching the 50,000 app mark in December of last year, highlighting the burgeoning ecosystem. It's still nowhere near up to par with the volume of iOS and Android apps, but there's certainly quality material for Windows Phone owners.

The biggest milestone is the fact that there are 30,000 developers contributing to the marketplace, showing that there is indeed interest in Microsoft's app playground. One would hope that the company can attract a similar developer following for RT apps, especially with the Surface launching on Oct. 26.

Ecosystems are integral pieces of a software's success, and Microsoft's current mobile solution has always felt a few steps behind the competition in that department. But the figures show that things are progressing quite nicely, with more than enough apps to keep fans busy.

[via AllAboutWindowsPhone]