In lieu of any official release or documentation, it appears one lucky individual already has access to the newest update for Windows Phone 8, referred to as General Distribution Release 3. Found on a Lumia 920 purchased through Craigslist, the device reveals the kind of software changes we can expect when GDR3 officially hits later this year—a precise release date still hasn’t been set by Microsoft.

When the update does finally hit, though, folks can expect features such as the ability to close apps in the multitasking view, custom sounds, Driving Mode and the option to restore from backup using Wi-Fi during setup. In addition, the update will bring support for new hardware features, such as more advanced Qualcomm chips and 1080p screen resolution; we’re expecting Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 1520 to be Microsoft’s canvas of choice to show off what GDR3 can do.

Separate sources have confirmed the features outed by the above screenshots are authentic, and that Microsoft is still busy finalizing the update. With devices running the update so casually discarded, perhaps development is nearly complete. You’ll still have to wait a little while to get it, unless you get lucky and purchase a used device already running the update.