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Following the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft's Operating System Group (OSG) will allegedly hunker down to build a "major" release of Windows for a spring 2015 release. According to trusted sources speaking with Mary Jo Foley from ZDNET, the Redmond company's next big initiative, which we've heard about before, will be to more closely unify existing Windows and Windows Phone platforms. The goal is to further align each in order to make developing software for the operating systems easier.

One of the bigger bits of news is that Microsoft is working to turn Windows Phone and Windows RT into a single OS by spring 2015, with the OSG team building atop the WP foundation currently in place right now. Microsoft's latest efforts have seen 1080p support come to phones, along with the flexibility to support larger displays—up to 10 inches. In this context, a more unified OS makes sense, especially when there's talk of a unified Windows and Windows Phone Store on the horizon.

Microsoft has an additional, more immediate update coming early next year in Windows Phone Blue (which Foley believes will just be called Windows Phone 8.1). And to further beef up its desktop efforts, Microsoft also has a Windows 8.1 update planned that's expected to hit in spring 2014.; Windows 8.1 itself will release in a matter of hours.

There's a lot still planned for Microsoft's ailing platforms, it seems, but plenty of work to be done. The company is already doing away with the RT naming scheme introduced with the Surface last year, and the next step will be to combine its two mobile ecosystems into a single entity. Spring 2015 is still a long ways away, though small changes are already being made to make Microsoft's offerings more enticing. We'll see over the next several months what the company manages to cook up.