Windows Phone 8 curved keyboard

Microsoft gave us our first glimpse at Windows Phone 8 earlier this month, but there are plenty of features that the company won't disclose before the software's public release. One of those appears to be a curved, one-handed keyboard that has appeared in a leaked image from a Microsoft Research presentation.

Curved around the bottom edge of the display, the virtual keyboard is designed for one-handed operation with just one thumb. To save space, each key features three to four letters. Presumably, users will be able to choose which corner the keyboard appears in to suit right- or left-handed operation.

It's unclear whether users will be required to press each one a number of times to select the letter they need — like cell phone keyboards of old — or whether Windows Phone 8 will intelligently "guess" the word you're trying to type as you go.

Microsoft has used similar keyboards in its ultra-mobile PCs, but this will be the first time it has moved away from traditional QWERTY keyboards in Windows Phone.

What do you think of Windows Phone 8's new keyboard?

[via WMPoweruser]