Windows Phone 8 wallet

In a document posted to its new Windows Phone Dev Center — which we reported on this morning — Microsoft has confirmed that developers will have the opportunity to utilize in-app purchases (or "in-app products" as Microsoft calls them) in the company's upcoming Windows Phone 8 release. It seems, however, that the same feature won't be coming to Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft's notice reads:

Note: You can only add in-app products to Windows Phone 8 apps.

As noted by The Verge, this restriction is likely to go a little deeper than this. You see, in-app purchases will be handled by Microsoft's new Wallet Hub in Windows Phone 8, and this seems to suggest that Wallet Hub won't be making its way to devices stuck on Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 devices will get a new update — labeled Windows Phone 7.8 — later this year, which introduces a new start screen and a number of other new features. Some of those new features are yet to be announced, but it looks like Wallet Hub won't be one of them. But given that Wallet Hub is all about NFC and contactless payments, its omission from existing devices may be of little surprise to most of you.

[via The Verge]