Windows Phone 8 home screen

Right now, the only way to take a screenshot on your Windows Phone handset — without jailbreaking it — is to grab your camera and take a picture of your screen. Of course, this is inconvenient and the results are hardly worth the effort. In Windows Phone 8, however, you will finally have the ability to capture screenshots natively according to a new report.

WPDang reports that Microsoft is making changes to its Windows Phone OS for the upcoming release, introducing the ability to capture screenshots using both the Windows key and camera button. Like other smartphones, the screenshot will then be saved to the Photo hub, where you can do what you like with it.

Although the ability to take screenshots may not be too interesting to the average Windows Phone user, as noted by The Verge, it's incredibly useful to reviewers and developers who need to demonstrate apps and features in action. The only way to do this on Windows Phone to date is to jailbreak the system and introduce unsupported third-party tweaks.

Would you like the ability to capture screenshots in Windows Phone 8?

[via The Verge]