Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft's most advanced mobile platform to date, and it offers a whole host of new features and improvements over its predecessor. It seems it isn't without a few teething problems, however. Those who have adopted a new Windows Phone 8 handset are reporting that the system is plagued by random reboots and battery issues.

In a thread over at the WPCentral forums, which has gained more than 150 replies at the time of writing this piece, dozens of Nokia Lumia 920 users have complained that their handset randomly reboots or freezes, and that they have poor battery life. The same problems are also being reported on Nokia's own support forums, The Verge reports.

HTX 8X owners aren't immune to this, either; they're also experiencing random reboots and poor battery life. One user on the Microsoft Community forum writes: "I've had my 8X for a couple of days, and it's been having multiple reboots… Seems like Microsoft rushed WP8 a bit. Any idea if there is a fix in the works? It needs to come quick, because these reboots are getting on my nerves."

Neither Microsoft, Nokia, or HTC have spoken out about the issues yet, but we're hoping they won't keep us waiting too long before acknowledging the problems — and then fixing them.

Have you suffered these problems on your Windows Phone 8 handset?

[Via: The Verge]