I know a lot of attention usually gets shone on Android and iOS, but lest we forget, there are other smartphoners out there too — people like Windows Phone 7 users. They've been waiting for what seems like forever for the Mango update to come out, and word has it, their day could be nearly upon us.

So far, much of the webs has been zeroing in on the September-ish timeframe. Pocket-Lint actually pegged September 1 for the drop date, but the only thing that arrived that day was an attack on our own TechnoBuffalo site. (By the way, big apologies to anyone who's having trouble accessing us.)

BGR thinks Mango's D-day (for "download") is likely September 15. They cite WPCentral, who in turn references two sources — one, a "well known commercial software company," and the other, an HTC rep — both of whom zero in on that date. Coupled with Microsoft's own accidental Twitter leak, mentioning September, and the evidence seems pretty compelling. But what might be the most intriguing tidbit comes from Dell. Another wave of its Venue Pro is expected to go out with Mango on board. The listed ship date? September 15. Factor in the HTC TITAN, one of the company's first two Mango handsets, now being shown off in London, and the odds are looking really good.

So sit tight — assuming the carriers don't hold it up, WP7 fans should be enjoying the refreshing taste of Mango very, very soon.

Among the goodies on deck will be multitasking, hardware acceleration, voice-to-text, and unified messaging, email inbox and social networks. Which features are you looking forward to the most?

[via BoyGenius Report]