Well, if anyone doubted that WordPress was the dominate blogging platform in the world, all of those thoughts have to be washed away now that there is a potential growth of 30 million users today thanks to Microsoft.

Microsoft has announced today that users of its Windows Live Space product will now have the opportunity to upgrade to WordPress.com accounts. This will allow for them to have a richer blogging experience, tie their blogs into their MSN Messenger program and create any new blogs that they might think up.

Windows Live Plus WordPressWindows Live Spaces is like he unknown social network that even those who belong to it aren’t aware they do. If you interact with any of the Windows Live products, you have a Windows Live Spaces account, but the majority of users have no idea what that means. There has been a blog there for a while, but not many people use it, and that may be why Microsoft decided to make this partnership decision.

With the general lack of use of the product, why should Microsoft continue to pour development money into it? Those that do use it probably want new features, but the company would be spending a lot of money to benefit a very few. By partnering up with WordPress, Microsoft gets to give those users new features and not spend a dime on any further development. It also brings in some much needed publicity for the Windows Live Spaces product (i.e. this very post), so it is really a winning solution for everyone involved.

Will it make a difference in the long run? Who knows, but I’m leaning towards most people won’t even notice. For those that do, I say “yay”.

What say you? Will this bring any needed notoriety to the Windows Live Spaces network?