Microsoft just released a huge Windows 10 update with a new feature called “Windows Ink” to folks who are participating in the Windows Insider early-release program.

Windows Ink is described as “the Start menu” for pen or finger input. It basically allows you to use Windows 10 with a stylus, or the Surface Pen, and have a much more natural experience doing so.

Here’s how Microsoft explains its attempt at creating a new space for the stylus inside of Windows 10:

Windows Ink is the set of pen-driven experiences that help you set your ideas in motion with your pen. We built Windows Ink with two key principles in mind: (1) to make all ink experiences incredibly easy to access so our customers feel confident when they pick up their pens, and (2) give people a reason to pick up a digital pen in the first place AND deliver powerful experiences that make our customers continue to want to use that pen in Windows every day.

The Windows Ink Workspace, that so-called “Start menu” for a stylus, features all of the apps that you might want to use with a pen. That includes notes, Sketchpad, screen sketch, Sticky Notes, recently used applications like OneNote and Word and more.

You can launch the system by clicking the back of the Surface Pen, and it’s even available when the computer is locked if you decide to activate that feature. Don’t own a Pen? Microsoft says you can also just use your finger.

“We are committed to building a great inking experience for everyone and hope you like where we are headed,” Microsoft said, noting that folks should expect these features in a future Windows 10 Anniversary update, due out this summer. “Our team is just getting started – this is our first step of many in delivering Windows Ink to the world.”

Other features in Build 14382 include:

  • Updated Start experience
  • Cortana and Search improvements such as Cortana on your Lock Screen
  • Improvements to Action Center and Notifications
  • Updates to the Taskbar and Settings app
  • Ability to switch virtual desktops with your touchpad
  • Lock Screen improvements
  • Updated credential and UAC dialog user interface, Skype UWP Preview app, and File Explorer
  • Improved battery life for Surface and other connected standby PCs
  • Improved Japanese IME

Windows Insiders should find the new build now. Hit the source for more information.