When Microsoft announced Windows 10, it said it was going to make it incredibly easy to develop for, and that it would provide necessary tools to help developers port existing apps over to its platform. The company made good on that promise on Thursday when it released the tool, known as Windows Bridge for iOS, and even said that it's completely open-source on GitHub.

We won't get too deep into the nitty gritty of how this all works — if you're a developer, you'll have a better idea understanding what Microsoft is talking about — but basically it allows iOS developers to build new Windows 10 applications using "existing Objective-C code." Microsoft's Windows Bridge for iOS includes the tools to do that, including an Objective-C compiler, an Objective-C runtime, iOS/API headers/libs and Visual Studio IDE integration.

Microsoft wants to make it clear, though, that these tools are not for "porting" apps but rather to build them specifically for Windows, but with existing code that should make things much easier.

The preview SDK available now is for Windows 10 apps that run on x64 and x86 processors — in other words, your more full-fledged computing systems — while support for ARM-based architectures used by mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones will come later. Hit the source to learn more now.