windows 9 wallpaper mockup

Last week, one Microsoft executive pretty much confirmed the company will unveil Windows 9 at a press event this Tuesday, and now it looks like another exec has revealed even more about the upcoming upgrade. Over the weekend, Microsoft's Indonesia President Andreas Diantoro reportedly spilled the company's plans to offer Windows 9 as a free upgrade for some users.

According to Diantoro, Windows 9 will be free for anyone already running Windows 8 on their computer. "Users who have been using Windows 8 just need to do the update via his device," he said. "It will be installed automatically." If you're still running an older operating system like Windows 7 or Windows XP, you may have to pay for the upgrade, though hopefully Microsoft won't charge very much either way.

Offering Windows 9 as a free upgrade makes a lot of sense, especially since Microsoft customers haven't exactly jumped to upgrade their software in the past. The real challenge will be convincing Windows XP fans to finally ditch the outdated operating system for something new. Windows 9 is expected to target traditional PC users with an enhanced desktop mode, but the software's price could be a deciding factor on whether customers will want to upgrade or not.

We should know a lot more about the company's next major operating system tomorrow. Based on recent leaks, we're expecting Windows 9 to include Cortana integration, a redesigned Start Menu and windowed versions of Metro UI apps that can run on the desktop. Rumor has it we'll get a live demo of the new OS at tomorrow's event, though hopefully Microsoft will also reveal how much the upgrade costs and when it will be released.