windows-8-appsMicrosoft's Windows Store, which will be a key component of Windows 8 when it hits on October 26, will offer a "try before you buy" system for app purchases. According to the company's MSDN Blog, users will get a seven day grace period that will offer the option to opt-out of a full purchase should they not like the app.

Apps can be priced anywhere between $1.49 and $999.99. Interestingly, the company will supposedly block anything below $1.49, which obviously means you won't find any $0.99 deals.

In addition, Microsoft is looking to entice developers with different royalty cut options. The company said it'll take a 20 percent cut for any app that earns over $25,000 in sales. Before that, however, the typical 30 percent cut rate will apply.

The "try before you buy" model is an excellent decision on Microsoft's part, and will definitely encourage users to peruse through the company's Windows Store once Windows 8 hits. Not only that, but it'll help stoke industry and consumer interest in the run up to its release, which is just a few months away.

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