Windows 7 isn’t quite one year old but it seems Microsoft’s already hard at work concocting the next iteration of the world’s most popular operating system.  Among the possible additions to Windows 8 include customization based on form factor, Windows 8 full reset, a Windows App Store, and in-depth identity recognition.  Here’s what’s in store for 8.

Microsoft’s focus for Windows 8 seems to be based on three form factors; Slate, Laptop, and All-in-One.  Partners will be able to customize Windows to specific hardware alongside unique software for the richest Windows experience.


Microsoft’s apparently toying with the idea of a reset option that would reinstall Windows 8 from scratch while preserving personal files, applications, settings, etc. without the need to back up the data.  Once the reinstall is complete, the user could launch the Windows 8 App Store to restore any additional applications that were purchased in the past.


“Windows Store” looks to Microsoft’s answer to a desktop App Store that would fuel application installs across devices and form factors.  Developers would be able to monitor the review process that’s predictable and transparent, allowing for easy licensing and monetization.  Applications are also likely to appear outside the Windows Store through the likes of Bing, Facebook, Digg, etc..


Several slides outline user identity that’s accessed when a user sits down at a Windows 8 machine.  PCs could automatically log you in based on facial recognition.  Windows accounts could be tied to the cloud, allowing users to log in remotely from any PC to retrieve data.


There’s a whole lot more going on here but if you want the full scoop head on over to Microsoft Kitchen.  Of course nothing is final but it’s nice to see an early inside look the potential for Windows 8.

[Microsoft Kitchen via BGR]