Microsoft’s new Windows 8 ad takes a swift poke at Apple’s iPad, casting the latter as a more expensive, yet rather lackluster competitor to a Windows tablet. In the commercial, the company features Windows 8’s Live Tiles, PowerPoint, multitasking and relatively cheap price point, at $449 for a 64GB ASUS’ VivoTab Smart versus $699 for a 64GB iPad.

im-a-mac-im-a-pcWait just a minute. Haven’t we seen something like this before? The side-by-side positioning, white background, standalone logo at the end — it all looks so familiar, doesn’t it? Oh right. This is a riff on Apple commercials, particularly those long-running “I’m a Mac. I’m a PC” ads starring Justin Long and John Hodgman. Except this time, the Microsoft product is cast as the oh-so-cool option, and the Apple device is the one that just can’t keep up.

Of course, since there are no humans to deliver dialogue, Siri is front and center to underscore the arguable lameness of iOS on the Apple tablet. Toward the end, the flummoxed voice assistant gives up and suggests playing “Chopsticks,” a reference to Apple’s iPad mini commercial.

Here’s the ad in reference:

Well, it does get Microsoft’s message across. But, frankly, it still can’t hold a candle to the wonderfully bizarre Windows 8 vids that hit the Web earlier this month. The ads were developed with the Asian market in mind and posted by accident to Microsoft’s channel.

Windows 8.1’s release will be hitting later this year, and Microsoft reportedly has more than a billion dollars earmarked for Windows 8 advertising. That means more jabs at competitors — and possibly more weirdness — is still to come. Stay tuned.