Microsoft is working hard on Windows 8.1 Update 1, which is apparently focused on improving the experience for desktop users, and folks who use the operating system on a machine without a touchscreen. While reports last month suggested the update would land sometime in March, ZDNET said Wednesday that April is now more than likely the publication date. Hopefully that gives Microsoft some time to add in even more features.

An early build of Windows 8.1 Update 1 leaked just two days ago, though it apparently lacked some of the features that were rumored for the release. Chief among them is an option to boot directly to the desktop, instead of having to first boot into Microsoft's "Metro UI," and ZDNET says it has since learned that Microsoft is no longer planning on adding that functionality – at least by default – and that's  something we're pretty bummed to hear. Meanwhile, there were noticeable changes that should make it easier to snap apps side-by-side using a mouse and keyboard instead of a touchscreen.

ZDNET says it is not sure why Microsoft decided to push back the release, but it could be in an effort to provide enough time for OEMs to install the software on new computers. Microsoft's BUILD developer conference kicks off in early April, so if the update isn't out by then we imagine we'll at least hear an update to the release schedule at that point.