Microsoft Surface RT Screen

Microsoft may have given up on its Windows RT operating system, but it hasn't yet finished updating it for existing users. Those with a Surface RT tablet can expect to receive a Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 in September, Microsoft has confirmed.

It's not currently clear what this update will bring. If we're lucky, it'll contain some new features — perhaps a few things that are coming to Windows 10 — but it will likely end up bringing just performance and stability improvements. Microsoft has said it will have "more to share soon."

The software giant has already confirmed that Windows RT is pretty much dead, and no one is making Windows RT devices anymore. To make matters worse, there will be no Windows 10 update for existing Windows RT tablets — including Microsoft's own Surface RT lineup.

It's possible Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 will be the last update for this platform, then — save for any minor security patches required later on — so users will be hoping that it will be a big one packed with plenty of goodies.

It's probably best you don't get your hopes up just yet, though.