Microsoft - Live Event - Windows 8 - Tablet - 004

When Windows 8.1 hits, commonly known as Windows Blue, users will be able to bypass the software's tile interface and go straight to the traditional desktop. Testing is allegedly ongoing inside of Microsoft's labs, where attempts are being made to "appease desktop users who wish to avoid the Start Screen environment," The Verge said.

According to sources speaking with The Verge, Windows 8's hot corner functionality will remain intact even if booting to desktop is enabled, allowing users to jump back to the Metro interface. While users can easily access the traditional desktop environment, many openly criticized Microsoft's new approach in a keyboard/mouse setup. The UI is largely designed for touch input and most PC users just don't have access to touchscreen monitors.

It's nice to hear Microsoft is listening and (possibly) adding the option. If booting to desktop is there by default, users won't feel so isolated in Microsoft's new touch environment, and maybe then we'll see an uptick on PC sales later this year. Although—in an unfortunate side to The Verge's report—it sounds like Microsoft doesn't have plans to bring back the Start Menu anytime soon.