Any poweruser will tell you that keyboard shortcuts are a great way to be efficient. Windows 7 has several new keyboard shortcuts that you can use that weren’t included in previous version of Windows. Here are several that you should master:

1. Shift+Click to open a new instance of a program from the taskbar. This is a big one, since Windows 7’s new taskbar doesn’t give you an obvious way to do this

2. Windows+Space to “see through” to the desktop. You can achieve the same function with your mouse by bringing it to the little rectangle near the clock in the tray, as shown below


3. Windows+Left/Right arrow to “snap” the present window to either side of the screen

4. Windows+Home has the same result as doing Aero Shake. It will minimize all but the active window

5. Windows+”+/-” to zoom in and out. Perfect for grandma

Are there any Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts that you’ve discovered that have helped you to be more efficient?