Windows 7 on iPadOnLive is famous for its rather impressive cloud gaming service, which allows subscribers to play console-quality games on devices like smartphones, tablets, and TVs. However, the company is about to make a name for itself once again by bringing Windows 7 to the iPad.

It has announced at CES in Las Vegas today that it has a new app making its way to the App Store which will provide users with access to Microsoft's desktop operating system on their Apple tablets. Like its gaming service, it works with OnLive's Windows 7 application to provide virtual access to a PC running the system, pre-installed with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and a web browser (assumed to be Internet Explorer 9).

Unfortunately you won't be able to install your own applications from day one, but according to SiliconFilter, a future enterprise edition will provide you with this kind of functionality.

While you may never have dreamt that you would be running Windows 7 on your iPad one day, it's hardly a surprising move from OnLive when you think about it. The company already has the technology to provide a similar virtual service to gamers, so all it's really doing is substituting Batman for Windows.

Of course, users who will benefit most from the service initially will be those who have been crying out for access to Microsoft Office applications on their iPad. With rumors of an official Microsoft Office suite on its way to Apple's device, however, OnLive may have to get that enterprise edition of its software out of the door a little faster that it would have liked.

The new app will be free to install and use with 2GB of storage, but users can pay $9.99 a month to increase that to 50GB.

Do you think you'll be using OnLive's new Windows 7 service on your iPad?

[via The Next Web]