The Xbox app is a big part of the latest iteration of Windows, and it’s getting the same kind of monthly treatment that the Xbox One has for much of its lifecycle. An update rolled out for the app this week, and Microsoft has detailed the features the update brings.

In addition to the option to link your Xbox app to your Facebook account to make finding your friends on Xbox easier, some pretty neat features have been added to it.

If you decide to use Windows 10’s Game DVR feature, you can also record voiceover as you’re recording without needing any kind of third party or secondary app, meaning that getting the timing right on those videos should now be that much simpler.

Better yet, you can now record any game with Game DVR. Previously some games did not work with the Game Bar and Game DVR, but Microsoft says any game should work now.

Finally, the Xbox store section in the app will now bring you to the Xbox store, with all its appropriate promotions, meaning that you can now buy Xbox games from your laptop or tablet and they’ll start downloading on the Xbox if it’s in Instant-On mode.

These changes benefit PC and console gamers alike and are live right now.