We all remember the hero wallpaper from Windows XP — the green rolling hills. Windows 7 focused primarily on the Windows logo, but Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 didn’t ever have something as iconic. Microsoft is about to change that with Windows 10. The company recently revealed its hero desktop wallpaper for the new operating system, which will be available for all beginning on July 29.

The wallpaper was revealed by Microsoft in a YouTube video published on Thursday that walks us through a bit of designer Bradley Munkowitz’s (aka GMUNK) methodology behind the image. It covers lights, lasers, projectors, lens flares and how Munkowitz worked with the camera to capture the physical objects for the final but very static Windows 10 desktop image, which will likely be applied by default depending on the OEM who sells you your new Windows 10 system.

It looks pretty good, though we’re not wild about the lasers. Will it be as iconic as the rolling green hills of Windows XP? Only time will tell. We won’t spoil the surprise: the final wallpaper is present only in the last image in the gallery above and at the very end of the video below.