Leaked screenshots from an upcoming build of Windows 10 for smartphones reveals that Microsoft is finally set to add support for LED notifications, enabling handsets like the Lumia 730 and the Lumia 930, which already have LEDs built-in, to put them to work.

The screenshots, which were uploaded to Polish Windows forum Windows Mania and spotted by The Verge, also reveal new improvements to notifications in general. In addition to support for LED alerts, apps will also be able to use sounds, vibrations and banners.

Rival platforms like BlackBerry and Android have long supported LED notifications, and they're incredibly useful. They tell you at a glance whether you have outstanding alerts and negate the need to turn on your display to see if you've missed calls, emails, text messages, and more.

This particular Windows 10 build also boasts user interface improvements that make the smartphone OS look a little more like its desktop counterpart, adding improved context menus, and circular avatars in the People app.

It also has the ability to remove a primary Microsoft account without performing a reset. Until now, users have had to factory reset their handset — and wipe everything — just to switch accounts.

This Windows 10 preview is expected to make its way to testers in the coming weeks, and it should bring support for more devices with it.