A new Windows 10 build has leaked out early revealing Xbox-style achievements that are rewarded to users when completing certain tasks. The screenshot above shows one achievement for joining the Windows Insider program.

The achievements are baked into Windows 10 build 10056, which is yet to make its way to testers, but leaked out online late last week.

According to Neowin, the achievements are "used to help entice users to explore content in a way they typically would not without the superfluous acknowledgement by these motivators."

In other words, they encourage you to explore features and services you may not have used otherwise. It's not currently clear how many there will be, what you need to do to earn others, or whether Microsoft will continue to add new ones periodically.

Achievements in an operating system sound a little pointless, and Microsoft will surely provide a way to turn them off for those who don't want them. But they've been incredibly popular with Xbox gamers, and so they could be beneficial — particularly among younger Windows 10 users.

There will almost certainly be a bunch who will be keen to unlock them all — especially if the achievements tie into Xbox profiles, though there's no sign of that just yet.

Microsoft hasn't mentioned achievements for Windows 10, so this could well be nothing more than a test to see how they might work one day; it doesn't necessarily mean they will be baked into the final Windows 10 releases.

We'll have to wait and see whether they are still present in the next build that is made available to testers.