We’ve already had a few peaks at what Microsoft’s new Windows 10 browser, currently codenamed Spartan, might look like and today we’re getting yet another look. This time we’re getting a peak at the tabbed interface and, if you look close enough, Cortana integration.

In one shot, you’ll notice how Microsoft is adopting a decidedly more angular look for Spartan, and you can also see what appears to be a dark theme in Windows 10. Gone is the transparent taskbar menu and in its place is a black bar. In another photo, notice how there’s a small icon for what appears to be Cortana integration right inside of the main search bar. Windows 10 will apparently include plenty of Cortana functionality, and this is how it might be deployed inside of Spartan for voice search.

This will all be much clearer on Jan. 21, when Microsoft is expected to dive much deeper into Windows 10 features and Spartan.