Microsoft made a power play last year with Windows 10 S, but the slimmed-down version didn’t exactly turn out to be a success. The special version of Windows, which launched alongside the Surface Laptop, was immediately positioned as a response to Google’s Chrome OS. And that’s not quite something anyone was asking for.

When people use Windows, there’s a reason. Just as there is for Chrome OS. Microsoft has heard the feedback sent its way, and soon it’ll convert Windows 10 S from a version to a mode.

The company announced that it’ll be “simplifying the experience” into three versions that each have an option for Windows 10 S mode to be enabled. Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, and Windows 10 Enterprise with the mode enabled right out of the box if a customer wishes.

It’ll provide customers with many of Windows’ benefits, but they’ll be able to enjoy the fast and secure nature of Windows 10 S. The mode, of course, will be free for everyone.

Computers with Windows 10 S mode enabled upon the first boot will begin shipping in the coming months.