Microsoft has reportedly set an internal deadline to finish its development of Windows 10. The company recently released a technical preview version of the operating system to anyone who wants to try it, but the final release will likely coincide with finished versions of Windows 10 for phones and tablets, too. After all, this release is really about connecting all of those platforms into one unified operating system for app development.

According to Neowin, Microsoft wants to apply the finishing touches to Windows 10 no later than this June, the target date for release to manufacturing (RTM). That’s the the point when Microsoft will push out the final code to OEMs that build PCs and tablets running the operating system, and it means we can expect the first devices to hit the market just ahead of the 2015 back-to-school season.

Neowin warns that the release might “slip” and that it’s just a preliminary goal, but June would indeed give OEMs enough time to get new products out for back-to-school season, which is a huge shopping period for folks interested in new PC hardware. The news outlet points to the January release of the Windows 10 preview as evidence that Microsoft is working toward the June goal; Microsoft released a preview of Windows 8 a month later in February and push it out in August, six months later.

Microsoft so far hasn’t provided any public guidance on when Windows 10 will ship, other than offering it will launch “later this year.”