Microsoft announced a brand new version of its Windows 10 preview build on Tuesday. Windows 10 Build 15002 is chock full of new features, ranging from support for folders in Start menu tiles to new Cortana keyboard shortcuts and more. Let’s take a look at some of the changes.

One of my favorites is support for building folders in Start menu tiles. This is a function that Microsoft already introduced on Windows Phone and basically allows you to keep a bunch of programs in a small, easily accessible space on the Start menu.  Microsoft also added another feature I’ve been dying for. It’s now much easier to grab a screenshot within Windows – no more reaching for the Snip tool. A simple tap of Win + Shift + S will bring up the menu to crop and capture a part of your screen. Speaking of shortcuts, instead of saying “Hey Cortana,” you can now pull up Microsoft’s voice assistant by tapping Win + C.


Microsoft is also building the ability to adjust the blue light output right into Windows 10. This is the same sort of function we’ve seen built into smartphones recently, and it starts to cut out the blue light from your display at later hours, allowing you to fall asleep easier. There are plenty of other changes, too, from changes to theme customizations to cross-device settings and Windows Defender improvements. Microsoft even changed the BSOD to the new Green Screen of Death (GSOD).

Windows 10 Insider build 15002 available now

We should see these roll out to everyone relatively soon as Microsoft moves toward the launch of its major Windows 10 Creator’s Update, which is due out sometime during the spring. Windows 10 Build 15002 for PC is available now for folks in the Windows 10 Insider program.