Planning on picking up a new PC with Windows 10 pre-installed later this month? Here are the brands to look for. It turns out several companies will be offering the new operating system pre-installed at launch despite a recent report from Bloomberg that suggested otherwise.

“A build of Windows 10 will be delivered to our OEM partners soon so they can start imaging new devices with Windows 10,” Microsoft told TechnoBuffalo. “We expect several OEM partners to have Windows 10 devices available for sale on July 29, including Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Acer with many, many more devices to follow in the coming weeks and months. We are excited to be working with our OEM partners to see Windows 10 innovations light up on these new devices.”

Additionally, Microsoft is planning to set up special stations at its own stores and some other retail locations to help customers update manually. It will also be available to 5 million Windows Insiders who helped test the operating system.

Microsoft also has some big events brewing. That includes celebrations in 13 cities around the world where fans can try out the official build of the operating system.