Microsoft is thanking its Windows 10 Insiders — and everyone, really — with three new wallpapers that feature a unique little kitten. Ninjacat is a figure that has somehow become the face of Windows 10 after starting as a bit of an inside joke among Microsoft’s Windows team. It was originally modeled after the “Welcome to the Internet” photo by Jason Heuser, Microsoft said.

The Ninjacat is a now-famous cat that rides one of various steeds and waves a Windows flag. In Microsoft’s new wallpapers, you can choose from a Ninjacat riding a fire breathing unicorn — which was featured on stickers that were initially appearing on employee computers and were eventually sold to the public — or a Ninjacat on the back of a T-Rex or a narwhal. The wallpapers are available in various resolutions for PCs, phones, tablets and even the Microsoft Band.

Microsoft is also asking for new mashups, so be sure to send one in if you have an idea. Hit the source to grab your new Ninjacat wallpaper now.