Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Insider Preview (build 15031) on Wednesday, shuffling the company ever closer toward the full Windows 10 Creators Update release this spring. It’s chock full of new features, including one I’m personally excited for.

Folks in Microsoft’s Windows Insider ring will notice build 15031 includes a new “Compact Overlay window” function, better known simply as picture-in-picture. This will allow you to pop a video out, either a Skype window or the Movies & TV app, to allow you to continue tuning in to the clip while working on other things. I hope Microsoft extends support to third parties, too, so I’ll be able to tune in to a movie on Netflix while browsing through my email.

Another function I’m really excited for is Dynamic Lock. It’s actually sort of like what we’ve seen on smartphones that can detect if you’re in front of the display or not, preventing the screen from turning off while you’re in the middle of something. In Windows 10, Dynamic Lock can similarly detect if you’re in front of the PC or not, and lock the computer when it thinks you’re away. You’ll no longer need to worry about the computer remaining unlocked if you forget to log out before stepping away.

Microsoft is including other functions, like a share icon, plenty of bug fixes, patches to repair games that were crashing and more. Hit the source to learn more.