Microsoft is approaching a milestone for Windows 10. A new report on Monday suggests that the company is ready to release a final build of the software to manufacturers sometime this week. It’s technically called RTM, or the release to manufacturers stage.

To be clear, Microsoft is still updating the software — it released three different builds last week alone — but at some point it needs to get a final version out to its hardware partners so that they can prepare new computers to launch in tandem with the Windows 10 release. That means the build isn’t technically “final” in a sense, but it’s going to be complete enough to RTM.

The Verge, which revealed the news on Monday, said that this is technically a minor step for Windows 10 — a change from earlier releases — since Microsoft’s plan is to continue to evolve the operating system with plenty of updates. The report cites a comment made by Windows head Terry Myerson who said “[Microsoft] will never be done,” with Windows 10.

Windows 10 will start to launch for folks beginning on July 29, though it won’t be immediately available for everyone. It will instead begin rolling out in waves at that time.