Windows 10 could give users the ability to run Windows Phone applications on their desktop. A leaked screenshot of the upcoming Windows 10 Store shows the ability to install an HTC smartphone app on the full Windows 10 operating system for PCs.

With Windows 10 bringing support for all devices — smartphones, tablets, and PCs — Microsoft is to merge its digital marketplaces for Windows and Windows Phone into one. In addition, the company is expected to allow Windows Phone apps to run on desktop machines.

The screenshot above, which was published on Twitter by long-time Windows leaked AngelWZR, shows Make More Space, a smartphone app built by HTC to inform users when available storage space on their phone is low, appearing in the desktop Windows store with an "Install" button.

It's worth noting, however, that this screenshot will have been taken from a pre-release Windows 10 build, and lots is expected to change before the platform makes its retail debut late next year. What's more, if Windows 10 will run Windows Phone apps, there will presumably be some restrictions, and developers could well be given the opportunity to block their apps from desktop use if they're not compatible.

This screenshot also suggests HTC could be working on a new Windows 10 smartphone. Its One M8 for Windows Phone has been well received by consumers and critics, and recent rumors have suggested that the Taiwanese company could be looking to capitalize on that success with next year's One M9.

Windows 10 for smartphones is currently being tested internally by Microsoft, but we're yet to see our first preview of it. That's not likely to happen until next summer at the earliest, so we'll have to rely on more leaks like this one to get sneak peeks at upcoming features.

Another Windows 10 leak that surfaced over the weekend again revealed its Cortana integration, and gave us our first look at an Xbox app for desktops, which will allow users to view their achievements and access their friends list from their PC.