Microsoft recently released the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10158 software, which includes several improvements, some “UI polish” and new features for the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft warns that Microsoft Edge, which is now officially branded instead of using the codename Project Spartan, will remove all of your favorites, cookies and more that you’ve stored in previous builds. Be sure to back that data up before applying the latest release. New features include a “Home” button that can be activated in settings, a customizable Tabs page, support for background audio while windows are minimized, the ability to drag and drop tabs and a brand new dark theme.

Windows 10 build 10158 also includes updates to Cortana, which also features a dark theme, support for flight tracking, travel to home/work alerts and support for voice-activated e-mail creation. One might say “Email Todd Haselton,” for example, to create a message. Cortana is also integrated with Office 365 in this release.

There are plenty of other changes and bug fixes, and you can read all about Windows 10 build 10158 at the source below.