Microsoft kicks off its annual BUILD developers conference in just a few hours, but one of the biggest surprises may have already leaked out. According to noted Windows blogger Paul Thurrott, the company’s new operating system may finally offer support for Android apps.

If this is true, then Windows 10 for smartphones, tablets and desktops could finally solve the “app gap” that’s plagued Microsoft’s mobile platform for years. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard similar claims, but according to Thurrott the company could finally be closing in on Android support. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean the announcement will be delivered onstage at BUILD 2015.

The report goes on to argue that Microsoft could be making a huge mistake. Android app support may sound like a quick fix right now, but it could mean the end of Windows Phone devices down the line. After all, what’s keeping developers and even customers from switching to Android entirely?

Still, we’re curious to see what Microsoft has planned, and for Windows fans frustrated by the lack of apps this could be a huge win. Hopefully we’ll learn more this week at BUILD. We’ll be covering the show live from San Francisco, so check back soon for all the news as it comes in.