Windows 10 launched in 190 countries on July 29 and, almost a month later, the new operating system is already installed on 75 million devices. That likely includes PCs and tablets, since it technically runs on both, and shows some pretty impressive growth. Considering Windows is used on more than 1 billion devices, however, there’s certainly more room for installs.

The figure was recently revealed on Twitter by Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows and devices. The milestone is impressive, though Microsoft also said that there were 14 million installs within just 24 hours of its release, which shows that there’s certainly some slowdown. The new figure also no doubt includes new devices that are shipping with Windows 10 pre-installed. The first such devices also began shipping on July 29.

Windows 10 delivers plenty of fresh features, including Cortana, the return of the Start menu complete with support for live tiles, virtual desktops, support for new trackpad multitouch gestures and a new focus on both touchscreen and PC/keyboard users. It’s my favorite version of the operating system yet. Have you upgraded, or are you holding out? If so, why?